Big Wheels Keep On Turning

Even when Proud Mary gets old.

We tend to forget that. And every once in awhile same old wheels; same old mechanics return to dislocate some social parts of societies. In some cases they always choose the same group; in others they add different groups along the line with the regular black sheep.

If you forget or turn a blind eye to what happens when Mary gets old, you sometimes let others make you believe what you are experiencing right now, never happened before. You are facing certain problems for the first time in human history, and national security is in danger.

It escalated quickly, right? Well that’s how it is like around here; welcome aboard. Things escalate quickly, especially in Middle East.

And people in my country still don’t like other people who told them before and are telling them now to stop getting involved with Middle East.

Writing on top says “Resign Tayyip”, writing on left below is the initials of a soccer team called Fenerbahçe.

We are tired. Getting old perhaps. Most of us feel lost without a hope. Once whatever was here has left, ambiance has changed. Supporting the government is a quite comfortable situation nowadays. I would really like to be there. But there are things you can support and there are those you can’t. And most people in Turkey does not really care about this.

There is a massive block of country’s population which consists of people who are already convinced that everything the opposition part says is bad for them, it is a traison to think their way.

Turning a blind eye to your political rival, your political rival’s camp is not the best idea. Even on personal level. Assuming someone is wrong, or someone is from enemy’s side at the beginning of almost every dialogue about anything hurts us all. Conservative people should see and understand this. We see each other during cigarette breaks and if you ask me; it feels weird. Believe me when I say, there is a bizarre silence between our words to each other.

I can understand that conservative politicians don’t like us much, but they? Aren’t we all surviving here together? When we return home from work, aren’t we all feel relived with the fact that the bridge did not got bombed today?

Don’t they wish for our well-being in this country as equally strong as they wish for themselves?

Are we to be disposed now?

Those who can distance themselves from this mess will leave as any sane person would but those who are going to stay here will have to admit other rules now? Rules that are not written anywhere on the constitution. Rules that shadow the very characteristics of democracy in the country.

Earlier today I talked with a German friend. I talked with him about this blog actually. Letting him know that I’m trying something like this, this time. And whether he can help me promote it a little or not in English-speaking world. Then we started to discuss political situations in our countries.

And I would have done that earlier but social media got little sick lately in Turkey. For some reason, interestingly while some PM’s are getting arrested and while there was a bombing in Diyarbakir, we weren’t able to use most of the social media applications, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, and for some reason Snapchat.

Even the government gets the Snapchat, but I still can’t.

He is only a year older than me, this friend of mine. Turk mother, German father. He is practically trying to improve his Turkish but I understand that he build his wide knowledge from German or English sources. His knowledge about Turkey is better than most of us who live here. He calls himself a Kemalist. And thinks that what we are facing nowadays is quite similar to other tragic eras of human history. Third Reich is one of them.

I know it’s almost moronic but I’m still trying to find a reason to hope for my country. Once beautiful. And reasons are diminishing. Probably faster than I would like to admit.


2 thoughts on “Big Wheels Keep On Turning

  1. Turkey is nothing like Third Reich, at least they cared about being modern. (Türkiye Hitler Almanyası gibi değil, en azından onlar modern olmak istiyordu). Ama böyle bir benzerlik varsa, hem üzücü (oldukça), hem de umut verici. Çünkü onlar başarılı olmayı başardı. Biz hiçbir şeyi zamanında yaşamadık.(Başarılı ülkeler faşizmle uğraşırken biz onun bize dokunmasına izin vermedik). Biz katastropları zamanında yaşamadık(Fransız Devrimini 140 yıl sonra yaşadık örneğin) . Belki de insanlar insan olduklarını hatırlarlar faşizm deneyimimiz olunca. Şimdilik bize umut gerekiyor(bu benim partime koyacağım isimi Umut Partisi).


    1. First of all, thank you for your time to write a comment. It’s much appreciated from my point of view.

      You have some ideas about a certain possibility and I understand where you stand about this problem. But I really can’t say that one is also a nice one.

      With my best wishes for your political career,


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