Thin Walls of Private Life 

Reality kicks in when you least expect it.
I had some quite time today; day spent mostly playing a video game with my cousin. We had fun, laughed a lot, and enjoyed our free time before Monday.

While doing something other than playing or joking, when I’m alone with my thoughts, I remembered. I remembered this new set of rules which apply to my everyday life, and how I feel outside nowadays.

Walls which separate me from outside world felt so thin. The idea of private life is just another barrier for some people in Turkey and they even tried to pass its boundaries on many occasions like dictating how many children married couples must have or deciding that man and woman can not live together outside of wedlock.


wp-1478458671934.pngI recently listened Taraji P. Henson’s audiobook “Around The Way Girl” on Audible. I loved the first two seasons of Fox’s Empire so much; I’m sure the third one is good too. But Ms Henson’s talent mesmerized me the very first moment I met with her character. I was thinking that I should look into her other projects when I found out that she has a book coming out. And get myself a copy once it does.

As a memoir, “Around The Way Girl” talks about Ms Henson’s life. While there are glamorous moments, stardom, and career defining moments in the book, what kept me going was the sincerity Ms Henson decided to share through her narration.
Through the book, you see and understand how Taraji P. Henson developed herself as strong and influential female figure. Her success, her failures… They are all there. And the book takes its strength from its honesty.

Not something easy to find nowadays. Honesty I mean. Especially in Turkey.

Government stated that the bombing in Diyarbakir this Friday was PKK’s doing. Bombing took place the same day some MP’s from HDP got arrested. Only later, ISIS said it was them who bombed the city.

It’s pretty depressing thing to see your country blame a terrorist group and get corrected by another one, on so many levels. Why are we in this situation, one might ask. How did we get here, could be another question.

But still, when ISIS makes you look like you are a liar…

There are many things you can point out if you really want to talk about the lack of honesty in Turkey nowadays.

Ruling party is doing everything within its power to pass this new law which would change the regime and bring presidency in Turkey. You heard of it, don’t you now? Everyone did. We understand that there will be a referendum, if they don’t change their minds this is what they say we’ll experience in future. But ruling party can not do this alone; so they need help. Their numbers are not enough to pass referendum from parliament. So they are looking for allies.

Luckily enough, they don’t have to try too hard. With the help of Turkish nationalist MHP, they’ll probably have enough seats. Though there are some MPs from MHP saying that they won’t be supporting AKP on this, we can’t be sure if the public vote will be found necessary to solve the dilemma.

Now that HDP announced they stopped their parliamentary work after recent events, it looks even more possible for AKP to get what they have always wanted.

And those who assume they plan this whole thing, arresting MPs at such time etc, should be ready to face the hatred of conservatives throughout the country.

I won’t even get in to details to discuss how freedom of speech is nowhere to be found in Turkey too, but I believe you get that much by yourself too.

In times like this, you find your own strength where you least expect it. My mother, who always makes it clear when it comes to politics she has her own voice and ideas, is my source. She is the reason I find it in me to wake up each week day and carry on. She tries to keep her agenda intact, she who deals with a lot nowadays as dying economy kills small business, so hard that I would feel bad if I at least don’t try to do the same.

It was her who I recalled the moment Ms Henson described herself as a “liberal mother” before described her parenting style. That was when I felt, one more time, our similarities connect us all even when there are oceans, ideologies, climates between us.

Human progress can not be killed or stopped by bad politicians.

Strong female figures would stop them at the entrance of our houses, preventing them to enter our otherwise thin walls.


2 thoughts on “Thin Walls of Private Life 

  1. Hey there. You found me ( or I found you, doesn’t matter at all) when I was watching the news by chance and getting a bit more depressed about this beautiful country. I’ve already given up following the politic for a long time ago but especially the part starts with ” Not something easy to find …” made me think about the future I possibly have, and moreover the beautiful children who have to live in this country. History is just repeating itself over and over again. Plans are made, guns are ready, oil is on the ground already. Innocents are dying faster then clouds. What Nazım says, we will see beautiful days, children. But I am afraid not very soon. Sharing is caring, I care the home we live in even though it is surrounded with grey walls. I just wanted to share. Thanks for being there, anyway.


    1. Thanks for your comment, it is very important for me to read and understand what others, you guys, are experiencing. We should all start to understand each other soon enough.

      Again, thanks for commenting. Come again, and if you feel like it share it with others too 🙂


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