Direction we all hope to find sooner.

Core of Our Fears

There is a cold out here, affecting us all. Each day more people start to cough really hard.

It is either this, or we smoke more than usual nowadays. Whole country, perhaps.

You are free to choose between these options.

Don’t tell me that I don’t constitute democracy in this blog later!

Direction we all hope to find sooner.
Direction we all hope to find sooner.

You wake up, get to the office, do your daily chores.

This should be enough for a regular Monday drama, isn’t it? We all have ways to deal with the system, our skins are thick enough to survive Mondays and other following week days. Most of you guys did this today, right? You woke up, cursed that they did not cancel Monday while you were sleeping, and started your day.

The most tiring part of whatever is happening in Turkey right now is you have to face it while it is being expected of you to perform your daily duties. You read about the news during the day. You receive a message asking whether you are in certain part of the city you live because there were bombings there 5 minutes ago.

Most of us changed our social habits due to many reasons. Taksim Square, and with all the symbolism about it, is alone today. Istiklal Caddesi is nothing but a sad memory of its former self for sometime now. Fear of bombs, along with many other reasons, killed the image of Beyoğlu.

I tell you this, because that’s exactly what happened today. While answering some emails, a news story caught my attention.
Story states that some 20 people from Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has been taken into custody. These persons are being accused of supporting FETO. Sounds important and interesting enough, right?

Izmir is where I am from. So you understand when I say “I really love Izmir”, I mean it. Apart from many other beautiful things which could be said about Izmir, let me tell you that polls show that most of the mainstream political ideas of ruling party are not so popular in country’s third biggest city. Ever since AKP’s rise to power. Local elected authorities are mainly from CHP too, from the main opposition party.

It just so happens that today CHP had something to declare after their caucus in the parliament.

Basically they are saying that Turkey is in a situation where it is no longer possible for anyone to rule her. That government and ruling party can no longer possess this quality. That there are extraordinary events happening in the country, there are even ministers who have ties with FETO, a terrorist organization which is being described by AKP as the arch-enemy of Turkey.

They, CHP, also decided that they will give the names of these ministers later.

Why later? I don’t really know…

If coincidences like this are to blame; and there is no relation between this and that, and there is no ongoing political witch hunt, shouldn’t we at least try not to have this kind of coincidences on a daily basis?

We heard about municipalities being investigated more than enough this year. Government orders trustees to take action on behalf of elected mayors in those cities.

I can’t find any reason why would anyone run investigations when public opinion questions their honesty, their credibility. Or why would anyone don’t feel the need to make his/her actions and decision understood by their opponents when the latter thinks these said actions and decisions are conflicting with constitution, basic and international human rights, and most importantly commonsense.

23 March 2015, then deputy prime minister and government spokesperson Bülent Arınç told on television – forgive if I’m wrong but I guess- during live transmission from the parliament building on his way out of cabinet meeting that Melih Gökçek, mayor of Ankara, has sold parcels of lands to FETO members.

This did not happen all of a sudden of course; it started when Gökçek throw shade at Arınç about his relations with the said organization.

Both of these gentlemen are from AKP. They are within this movement from the beginning.

They both claimed that the other is working for FETO’s wellbeing in 2015. Ministry of Internal Affairs decided that this case does not require prosecution.

This dishonesty shadows and will shadow lots of things in Turkey. Why nobody felt the need to investigate Ankara after the allegations made by Arınç? Because the target was also from AKP?

This question has no political side. I would like to have a satisfying answer without any hidden or apparent political agenda.

Bad guys do things, government officials believe in their bona fides with great naivety then come clean with a simple apology to their voters once bad guys show their guns, opposing-views get all the blame instead of bad buys and that’s how easily you get away with murder in Turkey.

This is the very core of most of us fears.

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