A Roller-Coaster

Since this is my blog, I wonder, why wouldn’t I post another one?


So… Here it goes…


22.6.13, #2 by Jimmy Sudekum, at Aegean Bay (cc by 2.0)

There is only one political entity I know. I only saw the way they choose to rule this country. Hope this does not sound “rebellious” or “treacherous” to some people.

Simply because that’s not how my tone is in general.

I’m basically talking about a mere reality here.

I was eleven during the 2001 election. I, somehow, remember the day. People were worried at the beginning. My family at the least. And most people in İzmir, I’m talking about pretty much everybody I knew by then. But then people changed their mind a little bit. Perhaps we became used to it, and thought “Okay, this is bad but it could be way worse, we’ve seen it before in the 80’s, haven’t we?”

Those were relatively good days of my life when you think about it.

As I grew older, one of the things I noticed about Turkey is that 90’s, too, weren’t so great about human rights in this country. I was born in 1991. When I was a toddler, for what I understand, it was pretty shitty in Turkey. I remember some particular bad days from elementary school. Most of the men in my family are retired or still working soldiers. Even though today, I don’t really share their point of view on this matter entirely; this fact made sure that I remember the heavy burden PKK terror was to Turkey, in my later life.

And I also understand that during those days, too, it was easy to find a political group in the parliament which does not really believe that they have a liability to each and every person on this country.

But after 2001, we have seen better days than the ones we are having nowadays.

I want everyone to understand that I’m talking as a 25 years old.
And I told you the days I remember from my childhood today.

As we were having those bittersweet days, just as if we were enjoying what it looks like to be a modest roller-coaster; we started going down from high above. Diving towards to the ground. All we can do to is hope there is a loop in this roller-coaster.

Because with our luck we might go off the rail.


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