US Dollar: All Time High

As a person who already has a problematic relation with the idea of democracy in his home country, last thing I needed was to see Trump as president-elect.

I’m not saying that I was rooting for Clinton, but it was more “do-not-let-Trump-take-the-chair” kind of election to me.

But he made the whole election process about himself. And when the music stopped, Clinton couldn’t find a chair to sit on.

Apart from this political disappointment, things keep getting bad here if you are wondering.

Last week we made jokes as we see the exchange rate between US Dollar and Turkish Lira go higher and higher, about how the parity between US Dollar and Turkish Lira is π now. That’s a normal thing to do these days; since we can not really do anything to affect this situation, like asking government officials what are their plans, we make jokes about this exchange rate.

Last night US Dollar to Turkish Lira exchange rate was around 3,17.

Today we woke up to 3,20. During the day rate went high as 3,27. As I’m typing this it reads as 3,21.

3,27 is the highest rate of all time.

Euro to Turkish Lira exchange rate is 3,52.

Should I give details and examples about how and why this is pretty bad for Turkey’s economy? I really don’t think so.


Source: XE Currency /


Can’t we admire other aspects of Arabs? Other than the ones we already admire?

Believe me when I say, I won’t even try to be politically correct about this statement.

So, can’t we now? Can’t we admire how rich they are, perhaps?

Oh… But there are elites who are rich in those countries, right? So we can not expect, as a whole nation, to become rich.

But those who are rich can expect to be as rich as Arab elites, I understand.

And there goes your freedom of speech.
Your right to demand proper elections.
Your right to ask a politician, to the government, to your prime minister, to your president what the Frodo they think they are doing with your money.

Just a small pay for someone else’s third yacht.

I feel like the gap between my country and rest of the world, you guys, is widening. I watch this as it happens, probably within the eye of the storm. Nothing feels safe, I don’t even want to add any new value to my life since I’m not sure how much of it will I be able to spend here in my country. This, doesn’t feel right.

The tools which proved to be useful against any type of opposition group lately, is now being prepared for CHP, the main opposition party. Words such as “opponents” are being used when people talk about Turkey nowadays. Words I came to know, probably like most of you, because I read news about Middle East. Now these words are being used to describe some of the things and events I personally experience. And I feel terrified.

I am not against my country’s wellbeing, though it doesn’t look well if you checked the table above, I am all for it. But I am against the doings of current government; I hope I’m not asking for an extended version of freedom of speech when I say this. I don’t support these guys, I don’t support their actions.

But I fear they will say that “they are this country, Turkey, themselves”, that going against their saying is as bad as traison. And I’ve seen enough bat shit crazy stories they made believe.

So… As things tend to rise, I fear we are at the down of what appears to be more struggles. And I fear we’ll get used to the new meaning of word “opponents” sooner than I would like to.


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