Old Adventures of New Turkey

Couple weeks ago, I needed to travel to Izmir for a meeting.

While waiting for airplane to do it’s own magic, after the regular announcements including how to use electronic devices during the flight, a static voice warned us about Samsung Note 7.

Samsung’s new favourite with all these new abilities could be the source of possible unpleasantnesses like exploding without a reason.

Now that I’ve told this little story, I don’t need to explain my thoughts about this “New Turkey” too.

I hope I won’t surprise anyone by saying that I don’t feel safe in my country. Not anymore at least. I am afraid of bombings; I am afraid of the influence certain politicians have over the certain parts of population; I am afraid of most people I see everyday on public transportation; I am afraid of waking up to find it got worse yet again.

You get me, right?

Levent Piskin, LGBTI Activist and one of the attorneys of Selahattin Demirtas, HDP Co-chair.

Probably because this is the scene where I must play my role; I’m torn between two different emotional status. Part of me wants to empathize with people who are going through the same problems.
Part of me can not carry all this.

The latter describes the first part as “emotional burden”

I’ve mourned for people with whom I’ve never met. I’ve felt and still feel worried for many others, again, that I don’t know on personal level. There is great chance that our roads wouldn’t cross if it wasn’t for this political ambience.

And I hold it responsible. Simply because, as any normal person would, I don’t want to feel those feelings. Yet, I don’t have any control over this.

But this was not enough ofcourse, I also heard that LGBTI activist and one of the attorneys of Selahattin Demirtas, HDP Co-chair, Levent Piskin is detained today. You can find more details here, if you’d want.

I know of Piskin a bit. His political stance and his activism, both of them are known to many. I can’t necessarily say that I support his every motive. And I have to admit that I made several jokes about his statements before.

Though we’ve never met personally, we have mutual friends. I can’t really think anything that Piskin could have done to deserve this, according to what I’ve heard about him. Also, he has beautiful eyes.

Today, Hale had a meeting, in Anatolian Side of the city.
While she was absent, another collegue was checking the news. He came to this one, started reading it out loud since our job is closely linked with engineering companies. He even said that the name of this company somewhat sounded familiar. When he told us where the company is, and the name ofcourse, I felt shivers . It was the company Hale had meeting with.

I called her. She picked up immediately, telling me that she’s returning to the office. Shocked, I hang up.

It all happened before her arrival. She came back to us without harm and all was well for our part.

I don’t know how many engineering companies there are in Istanbul. I don’t know how many other companies there are in our work field. But this coincidence was almost taking my friend from me.

Whether terror, or other reasons, “New Turkey” tends to bomb a little.


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