Politic Talks In Their Pants

Earlier today, I returned to the country from 2 days long business trip to Germany with Hale.

It was fun and we used each and every free minute to see the city we were at. All went well.

Except a Turkish businessman, an exhibitor at the trade fair which we visited, harrassed me sexualy. In front of four other people, during an interview while there were dozens of people around us on the fair ground in Nurnberg, Germany. He dared to do it.

I’m not surprised anymore. I’m not asking myself who would have sex with 6 year olds anymore. I understand that his offsprings or his alikes face no trouble doing that in Anatolian cities. They have no problem with harrassing 25 year old journalist in Germany, why would they fear basically anything in an uneducated Anatolian city?

There was another terrorist attack in Turkey while I was absent. It was Adana this time. I saw it on the news while having breakfast at our hotel. Broadcast, as well as the conversation in the breakfast hall, was in German. But you don’t need certain language skills for some news; sometimes footage is more than enough.

First thing that came to my mind, just like every other time, was whether anyone I knew personaly could be harmed by this. I have many friends from the said city. I even make jokes about how almost half of my ex-boyfriends from Adana. Never been there, but I consider myself close to the city.


No one I knew was harmed but this changes nothing. People died. People who are well known personaly by others.

This chain of thought felt alien to me this time. Because I was away. Because I was surrounded by civilized silent which is quite foreign concept for where I live. Because it was not Middle East I was seeing around me.

Funny how geography plays with our emotions and values.

I find no joy in defending Can Dundar to anyone. I don’t think he is a traitor, or a spy, or a unicorn.
I also don’t think that he is a great journalist too.

So; I will not find that joy again.

Boxer Magazine’s Emir Eksioglu contributed to Huffington Post with his somewhat organized thoughts. You can read the article here.

Eksioglu shouts “Turkey has nothing to do with hell but you really are the devil Can Dundar” in his posts. His motive, I understand, is to “…do my part on my column here on Huffington Post to show the real face of this man.” He also states in his article that Turkish people already know what a traitor Can Dundar is.

I’m one of those people Mr Eksioglu mentioned.

And I, for one, really don’t like when a man who makes money by providing pseudo-masturbation materials in a monthly periodical generalises my opinion.

Mr Eksioglu, take it down a notch.
In fact, take it down several.

Change that tone, it does not suit you. Don’t let it become you.

No one would let you, a guy who owns a magazine with naked female figures on the cover each month, to take any office in this hell of a country we call home.

And I hope we see the days when it’s not like this anymore soon. Believe me.

With this rhetoric, perhaps you may have a chance in politics. Trump won, why would Hugh Hefner fail, right?

But whatever Dundar did, it was all journalism. And he is, after all, nothing but a journalist. A voice who tells his side of the story and who wants to be heard.

Don’t you find this enthusiasm familiar?
Edit: For some reason, the article is no longer available.


One thought on “Politic Talks In Their Pants

  1. Hello.

    I have just discovered your blog and read some of the articles. I have enjoyed your writing.

    It seems you stopped writing 1 year ago. Why ?

    I hope you will write again.




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